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This blog is intended as a guide for our Greater Moncton area clients and those in the surrounding New Brunswick area. This is a follow up to the blog Kara Hachey (RVT) wrote for us a few days ago. You can find the link to her blog here.


Always check with your own veterinarian about what they recommend for your pet. Recommendations may vary depending on where you live. 

PRODUCTS FOR FLEAS IN DOGS:Advantage II (Imidacloprid/pyriproxyfen), Revolution(Selamectin),Program(Lufenuron),Advantix,Bravecto,Nexgard and Sentinel (Milbemycin oxime/Lufenuron). From the following, you can see there are numerous products to chose from , each with their own benefits.

There are also many products available at Walmart as well as different pet stores in the area, as an animal health care provider we do not recommend any of these products for flea treatment. Be in mind we have seen many pets being treated with these pet store products coming in for an exam as they are still being attacked by fleas. Unfortunately we also have seen many adverse reactions with pet store/Walmart products, they are not regulated and are pesticides, not medications. Just to have this is mind to know and be careful, if anything, please call your veterinary practice for information and tips.

This is a great chart we found online to help people see what different products cover. It does get confusing even for us! Some products like Frontline Plus are only available in the USA, so we will discuss the ones we carry in stock at our hospital


1) TOPICAL PRODUCTS (applied on the skin): Advantage II, Advantage Multi, Advantix and Revolution are monthly topical products. Advantage II does all the treatable stages of the fleas while Revolution and Advantage Multi do ticks, fleas, heartworm, intestinal worms, skin mites (sarcoptic mange) and ear mites.

2) PILL FORM PRODUCTS (given by-mouth): Program and Sentinel are Insect Growth Regulators. They do not kill the fleas but they will prevent your house from being infested. Sentinel and Program do not do anything for ticks. Although they have been recommended by our vets in the past, we no longer feel that they protect your pet sufficiently since they do not cover for ticks. Bravecto and Nexgard are two new pill products that we have available. Bravecto kills ticks and fleas and it is a pill you give once every 3 months.  Nexgard also kills fleas and ticks and it is to be given monthly. We do stock Bravetco and we can order in Nexgard.

If you want to use a pill form product, we do recommend combining Bravecto with Interceptor in order to cover fleas/ticks/heartworm and intestinal parasites. We are offering 15% off 6 months of Interceptor when combined with 6 months of Bravecto. There is also a coupon available off the bravetco.ca website for a mail in rebate of 25 dollars.



PRODUCTS FOR TICKS IN DOGS: Advantix (for dogs only), Revolution (dogs and cats), Bravecto (dogs) and Nexgard (dogs) are 4 products commonly used in Canada for ticks. Advantix contains imidacloprid, permethrin and pyriproxyfen. It repeals and starts killing ticks within 10 minutes, while Revolution starts to kill them after about 2 days. Advantix is the only product that we sell that repels ticks, biting flies and mosquitoes. Last year (2015), Dr. Lizotte started using Advantage Duo (a combination of Advantage Multi to cover heartworm and to treat intestinal parasites and Advantix to cover fleas and ticks) in her dogs. Revolution is still a great product since it consists of 1 tube per month in one spot on the back of the neck.

advantix blog.png


The Advantage DUO consists of  2 tubes ( one tube of Advantage Multi and one tube of Advantix) that need to be applied at least 2 days a part and applied to 4 spots on the back. If you apply Revolution, you  just apply in spot no 1. If you are applying Advantage Duo products, you apply in 4 spots on the skin on the back.

how to apply advantix

Advantix is very toxic to cats. We recommend applying the Advantix at night and separating cats and dogs from each other overnight until the product is dry. Once the product is dry, it is safe for cats and dogs to be in contact, the issue is the wet form of the product. On the other hand,  Revolution is safe for cats and there is no need to separate your pets overnight unless they are licking the product off each other which would decrease its potency but not cause toxicity.



Some vets will use Program injectable (Lufenuron) which requires a visit to the office. The veterinarian will administer an injection that lasts for 6 months and will prevent fleas from developing (Insect Growth Regulator). Otherwise, monthly topical products like Advantage Multi for fleas/skin mites/ear mites/intestinal worms or Revolution for cats to cover fleas/skin mites/ear mites/intestinal worms and ticks are available during the flea and tick season. To cover for tapeworms if your cat eats or hunts mice then Cestex or Profender are two options for tapeworms. Revolution and Advantage Multi do not treat for tapeworms.

PRODUCT FOR TICKS IN CATS: At this time, because of the increase in ticks in New Brunswick, we do recommend that any outdoor cat be treated with Revolution instead of Advantage II in order to help reduce the population of ticks. 

revolution for cats.jpg


Ticks can give you lyme disease!  Help us reduce the tick population by treating all pets that go outdoors. 

ticks with lyme


In Moncton and surrounding areas, the flea season has changed in the past few years. It is now earlier than ever. We started to recommend Flea and Tick prevention products as early as May 1st this year. We do recommend treating until at least the end of November and possibly into December depending on how mild it is. We are now looking at a tick and flea season extending from 6 months and really going to almost 8 months of duration. Changes in the weather and seasons have impacted the risks of exposure to fleas and ticks.  

Ticks can be seen a few weeks before the flea season starts so people with pets that often go out in the woods or long grass may want to start a bit earlier than May (if you live in Atlantic Canada). We have had a few clients from Amherst, Nova Scotia that reported seeing ticks in mid-April this year. We understand that in Quebec, most will start in April  for heartworm/tick prevention. New studies in Canada have shown that if the temperature gets above 4 Celsius, we can now see ticks. A tick will take at least 2 days to transmit Lyme disease to your pet, so if you do a daily check on your pet and pull the ticks before its attached for more than 2 days, you are reducing the risk of Lyme disease. If your pet goes to daycare, some are now advocating the year round prevention of fleas and ticks. 

If you have pets that go outdoors and some cats that stay inside, We would recommend you treat the ones that go outside only with a product that covers for fleas and ticks. If you do that, it reduces the need to use preventive products on your indoor furry friends!



Heartworm is transmitted by mosquitos.


Heartworm is not a major problem yet in Moncton, but it is considered endemic in the Tracadie area,  Ontario, USA, Quebec and parts of Nova Scotia so we do recommend preventive measures for it. it is just a matter of time before it becomes a problem in our city.  It is preventable by using products like Advantage Multi, Interceptor, Heartguard, Sentinel and Revolution. 


 The SNAP 4DX test we use to detect exposure to Lyme disease also tests for Heartworm. So, if you travel a lot with your furry friends, you should consider testing them for their previous exposures. Want to know if your pet has been exposed before using a preventive product, call us at 506-858-9900 to schedule a Lyme/Heartworm test with one of our veterinary technicians. Results are available within 20 minutes. 

idexx test


General guidelines in addition to using products. 


Keep washing your pet’s bedding in hot water, or replace it regularly.

Pay attention to potential re-­infestations due to contact with untreated animals.

Try to keep untreated animals out of your home living areas.

Vacuum and thoroughly dust your house regularly, paying particular attention to the areas where your pets eat, play and sleep.



Written by Dr Cindy Lizotte, DVM, MBA, CVFT (CHI institute), CVA (IVAS), Grad Dip Vet Western Herb Med (CIVT) Grad Dip Vet Chinese Herb Med CVHM (IVAS/CIVT)



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Watch “Bouctouche River, NB. Nature. In-real time.” on YouTube

While on vacation from healing pets around Moncton, New Brunswick. I was listening to a french song by Memramcook local artist Tina Gautreau ( http://www.tinagautreau.com). The scenery of the Bouctouche River after a rainfall inspired me to take this video of the beauty of the Universe from my phone while this perfectly fitting song was playing on the Ipad. It is the calm after the storm. The Universe decides to send a boat to rise the water at the exact moment the song called for it. For those that believe in natural healing and holistic veterinary medicine..moments like these when the Universe fits a song so perfeclty are once in a lifetime. Be open to receiving signs because the World as a lot to tell us if we are ready and willing to receive its messages. Appreciate the beauty around you and have your pets enjoy these moments with you. I am feeling quite zen and wanted to share this beautiful moment of magic!